CMS Schedules 2015 Simulation Instructor Courses at Australian Affiliate, Mater Education

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Mater Education
The Center for Medical Simulation is pleased to announce that it is bringing its world renowned Institute for Medical Simulation (IMS) “Simulation as a Teaching Tool” and “Advanced Debriefing” courses to Mater Education in Brisbane Australia.


ADVANCED DEBRIEFING – 4 Days: February 18 -21, 2015

Prerequisite – “Comprehensive” or “Simulation as a Teaching Tool” Simulation Instructor Courses

With an emphasis on debriefing skills, this course is designed to enhance and extend instructional techniques learned in the IMS Simulation Instructor Courses. Using high-leverage methods from experiential learning and organizational psychology, this 4-day intensive immersion in debriefing taught by the Center for Medical Simulation’s senior IMS/Harvard Medical School faculty uses extensive practice and feedback to help attendees become more reflective about their instructional practices. The peer-to-peer feedback processes used in the course also develops participants’ ability to help other faculty within their institution improve their instructional techniques. Participants will run and debrief one of their own scenarios; learn how to use an Action Science technique to reflect on debriefings; and learn how to provide rigorous feedback on debriefings using a structured assessment tool. There will be some didactics, but mainly the course will be interactive and engaging. Your learning begins before the course starts through online feedback and interaction with faculty on the course pre-work assignments.

Topics include:

  • Debriefing practice debriefing with feedback
  • Giving feedback to colleagues on their debriefings
  • Reflect on and improve debriefing using Action Science techniques
  • Assessing the quality of debriefings

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SIMULATION AS A TEACHING TOOL – 4 Days: February 25 -28, 2015

This course immerses healthcare simulation leaders and instructors in a multi-method course wherein participants learn how to teach clinical, behavioral, and cognitive skills through simulation. It draws from the disciplines of aviation, healthcare, psychology, experiential learning, and organizational behavior. Participants explore simulator-based teaching methods applicable across the healthcare education spectrum, including undergraduate and graduate medical, nursing and allied health domains. The daily formats vary and include; simulation scenarios, lectures, small and large group discussions, and practical exercises with feedback. Typically these courses also offer a couple of social evenings for networking and sharing experiences.

Topics include:

  • Building a challenging and safe learning environment
  • Utilizing effective debriefing techniques and avoiding ineffective ones
  • Preparing, building, conducting and debriefing high-fidelity simulation scenarios

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This past August, Mater Education joined the ranks of a select group of leading international healthcare organizations when it became an Affiliate of the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS). As a CMS Affiliate, Mater Education has an exclusive level of access to the resources, skills, advice and experience of CMS’s team of Harvard Medical School faculty who are internationally recognized leaders in the field of simulation. Through this Affiliation, Mater Education intends to further develop its reputation as an outstanding educational leader across Queensland and Australia.

Key objectives of the Affiliation include achieving an international simulation accreditation, collaborating on new curricula and programs, particularly in the area of developing high performing inter-professional teams, and using simulation to positively impact upon patient safety outcomes through education, training and organizational systems integration.

CMS is truly excited to have Mater Education join its family of Affiliates.

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