Gabriel Reedy Leading Simulation Research Strategies at CMS

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Blog - Gabriel Reedy Leading Simulation Research Strategies at CMS

CMS is pleased to announce that Gabriel Reedy, PhD has joined the team to help plan, develop, and strategically support the simulation research taking place at the Center for Medical Simulation and our affiliates. In addition to teaching in CMS’s faculty development courses, Gabe will be working with both the principal CMS team and our affiliates around the world as they embark on programs of research in healthcare simulation.

In addition to his work as CMS faculty, Gabe serves as the program director for the Master’s in Clinical Education program at King’s College London, supporting the professional development of health professions educators. He holds a PhD in Cognitive and Educational Psychology and a Master’s of Education from the University of Washington.

Our strategic approach to research at the Center for Medical Simulation will focus on how innovations in simulation practice and the use of simulation to solve local healthcare needs have the potential to contribute back to the community when explored from a research perspective. Reframing problems not just as research projects, but also as part of a larger themed programs of research, will help to ensure that research evidence base grows and develops over time; this allows us to improve simulation training in an evidence-based manner.

Gabe’s ongoing research focuses on how healthcare professionals learn effectively, and how our teaching can change to make that learning happen, from the level of the individual learner all the way to broad multi-organizational systems. He currently serves on the research committee of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH), and the co-Chair of the Simulation Committee for the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE). He serves on the scientific committee of the Society in Europe for Simulation as Applied to Medicine (SESAM) as well as being Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Simulation, the academic journal of SESAM. He is an associate fellow of the British Psychological Association and a fellow of the Academy of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.