Jenny Rudolph to Present at MGH OB/GYN Grand Rounds

Blog - Jenny Rudolph to Present at MGH OB/GYN Grand Rounds

Jenny Rudolph, PhD, Executive Director of CMS will be presenting “Helping without Harming: Feedback Conversations That Improve Performance and Relationships” at the Massachusetts General Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Grand Rounds.

The session will help familiarize clinicians with the theory and practice of improving performance and relationships in clinical feedback conversations. Many clinicians struggle with how to deliver direct, honest feedback; the worry being that the comments will demoralize or insult the other person. This workshop will illuminate 1) why it is so hard to hold the polarities of high standards and high regard at the same time, 2) the internal “Jedi mind-training” needed to do so, and 3) a conversational algorithm to assist in the process. The session will blend didactic and experiential approaches to provide participants the concepts and experience to conduct direct, but non-threatening feedback conversations. The workshop will build on published research that participants can use for learning or teaching feedback conversations in their own contexts.

The presentation will take place on February 8th at 8:30AM in the Yawkey Conference Room 4820 at Massachusetts General Hospital.


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