Jenny Rudolph @ SMACC: Transforming “WTF?” to “What’s their frame?”

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“When you think, ‘WTF?’ instead think, ‘What’s their frame?'” –Susan Eller

Jenny Rudolph onstage at #dasSMACC

Jenny Rudolph, Executive Director of CMS, traveled to Berlin to take part in dasSMACC, the Social Media and Critical Care conference, which took place from June 26th to June 29th. Jenny gave a keynote on the main stage to help attendees go from “WTF?” to “What’s their frame?” when a colleague makes a mistake or takes an action which surprises them.

Jenny and Vic Brazil joined together to create a simulation where audience members got to begin their experience with a “WTF?” moment. They then paused the simulation and had the audience to think about a moment when they had a similar reaction with a colleague’s actions.

Jenny asked the audience to think about that mistake or that poor decision, think about how they felt, and then try to imagine that the person who made the mistake was the colleague that they trust most, the person who they feel is the most competent provider in their organization. How does their perception of the event change? Are they more curious about what the person was thinking when they made their mistake?

You can join in too! Think about a work experience where you’ve said, “WTF?”, then imagine that the mistake was made by your most trusted colleague. Try to get curious about what they could have been thinking, and share it with us on Twitter using #WTF2WTF, or tag CMS with @MedSimulation or Jenny Rudolph with @GetCuriousNow. Let us know your #WTF2WTF story!