Lahey Healthcare Operating Room Team Comes to CMS

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The Lahey Healthcare team, along with CMS faculty.

An interprofessional group of providers from Lahey Healthcare in Burlington, Massachusetts has spent the last three days entrenched in the CMS Operating Room Teams Instructor Course, developing their simulation-based education to support patient safety at Lahey. Like many cutting-edge hospitals around the world, Lahey sees the value in simulation for improving interprofessional communication and teamwork in the service of excellence in operating room quality and safety.

Led by Center for Medical Simulation faculty including Toni Beth Walzer, Dan Raemer, Roy Phitayakorn, and Mary Fey, the Operating Room Teams Instructor Course uses experiential learning, including practice teaching and simulation with immediate feedback from faculty, to immerse hospital teams into simulation-based education. The course provides both practical skills and a research-based theoretical framework to help participants understand how operating room teams learn new behaviors. The participants also learn debriefing theory and skills, practice their debriefings, and develop strategies to improve teamwork and enhance learner performance in the real clinical environment.

The Lahey Healthcare team is positioned to champion simulation training in their own institution and to help strengthen the culture of safety in their operating rooms. For more information on the course, see the following page: CMS Operating Room Teams Instructor Course.

Roy Phitayakorn leads the Lahey team in a learning-style examination exercise.