Join the Innovative Learning Network Today For A Free Webinar On 3D Printing

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Join the Innovative Learning Network today, January 27th, for Tech Tuesday when they talk about 3D printing, the industry, the basics of technology and specific health care use cases.   Details below…

Tech Tuesday


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Kathryn E. Hautanen, MS, SM, MBA
Business Innovation Manager
Innovation and Advanced Technology
Digital Technologies and Operations 
Kaiser Permanente


2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the first 3D printing patent. Widely used in product design and manufacturing for a number of years, 3D printing is only recently moving into the health care realm. Recently 3D printing enabled the successful separation of conjoined twins by letting the surgical planning team print a map of the vascular structure before a separation surgery. In addition, custom prosthetics can be created quickly and inexpensively. Eventually, new livers will be printed – completely disrupting the existing organ donor supply chain. 

This talk will provide an overview to the 3D printing industry, the basics of the technology and specific health care use cases.

Password: technology2
Meeting # 572 195 580
Tuesday, Jan. 27th @ 9 AM Pacific / 10 AM Mountain / 11 Central / 12 Eastern