Simulation Leader from Cleveland Clinic Reflects on CMS Experience

Blog - Simulation Leader from Cleveland Clinic Reflects on CMS Experience

“Medical simulation is an amazing and unique method of teaching adult trainees, not only because it allows clinicians to teach complex skills but also because it lets us observe actions and performance for subsequent group analysis, interpretation and correction, if required,” says Dr. Marco Maurtua, Assistant Professor in General Anesthesiology at the Cleveland Clinic.

“During my resident years at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Karen Steckner was my mentor in anesthesiology. She always used simulation to teach and I never forgot the case scenarios we practiced.  After I came on staff in 2005, I shared with her my desire to become involved with simulation and she sent me for further training to the Comprehensive Instructor Workshop at the Center for Medical Simulation.” 

Dr. Maurtua describes his experience at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS), as “key in my activities to grow in the medical simulation field at the Cleveland Clinic.” In addition, he stated “When you complete a course at CMS, you see simulation from a much different and profound perspective. You become more sensitive and proficient in how to communicate and express your thoughts as a facilitator during the simulated activity. You become aware of the different aspects you are to able focus on during crisis management training. As a result, you learn to be a better health care professional not only because it helps you improve your own practice but also because of the positive impact simulation has on improving patient care by all of the team members that surround you.” 

In 2017, Dr. Maurtua and his colleague, Dr. Carlos Trombetta, “developed the Maintenance of Certification Anesthesia (MOCA)® Medical Simulation Program [at the Cleveland Clinic], that is currently sponsored by the American Society of Anesthesiologists. This program has been developed for Staff Anesthesiologists already board certified to renew their board certification.”  It was while developing their MOCA program that he attended the Comprehensive Instructor Workshop at CMS for a second time. 

In addition to using medical simulation in his academic activities at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Maurtua is also an active member of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH). He holds a leadership position in its Journal Club Affinity Group and in the SSH Anesthesiology Section.  

Thinking back on his two experiences at CMS, Dr. Maurtua noted that, “The enthusiasm and positive reinforcement received by the CMS staff was essential in understanding and becoming proficient in what is perhaps the most difficult skill to master, that being a fair and just facilitator during a debriefing, is without doubt is one of the most important aspects of Medical Simulation Practice.” 

Marco Maurtua, MD, CHSE
Associate Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Simulation
Maintenance of Certification in Anesthesiology