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The Center for Medical Simulation offers interested organizations the opportunity to host its Simulation Instructor Training courses and workshops at their simulation center. Over the past 10 years, CMS has brought these transformative learning experiences to host institutions all over the world, including those located in Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, the Middle East and throughout the United States and Canada.

Hosting Benefits

Centers that bring a CMS Instructor Training Course/Workshop to their Simulation Center:

  • Are viewed as cutting edge organizations committed to faculty development and patient safety
  • Have the ability to train more faculty over a shorter period of time, at less cost and more efficiently by saving on travel time and expenses
  • Can provide consistency in their educational efforts by training faculty in the same methods and procedures

Organizations interested in hosting a CMS Instructor Course

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Available Host Site Courses

Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop

The Center for Medical Simulation’s Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop introduces healthcare education faculty to the foundational practices of the Debriefing with Good Judgment© method of debriefing. This innovative workshop combines an immersive, daylong, in-person learning experience with online learning that includes customized peer-to-peer and mentor feedback.

CMS provides a lead faculty member along with an appropriate number of trained facilitators to conduct the workshop. Host sites are expected to appoint a coordinator who will work with the CMS Event Manager via the internet and onsite to ensure a successful workshop. Host sites should have suitable open conference space along with enough movable tables and chairs to accommodate between 30 to 50 participants and faculty. Participants need access to a computer with speakers and a microphone, along with adequate memory and internet bandwidth to participate in online learning videos.

Learn more about the Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop

Simulation as a Teaching Tool

The Simulation as a Teaching Tool simulation instructor course is a transformative educational experience where healthcare simulation leaders and educators learn how to teach clinical, behavioral and cognitive skills using simulation. The course is four days long and is ideally designed for 15-20 participants (20 is the maximum). It works best when the participating group is comprised of a variety of specialties, experience and disciplines. CMS sends three or four highly experienced faculty members to each course and every effort is made to ensure the highest quality educational experience for the participants.

In addition to the four days of instruction there is also a set-up/run-through day at the host site prior to the start of the course as well as numerous preplanning meetings via the internet. The simulation center should have suitable simulation equipment and space, including mannequins, training and debriefing rooms. It is also recommended that the center have been in operation for at least three months and that an onsite coordinator, who has previously taken a CMS Simulation Instructor Course, be appointed to work with the CMS Event Manager.

Learn more about the Simulation as a Teaching Tool Course

The Feedback Course

Do you find it difficult to give feedback to your peers or students? Do you ever wish you had feedback superpowers? Wish you never had to dread another feedback conversation? You are in good company. We spoke with healthcare educators, leaders, and managers around the world and found a recurring theme: feedback conversations are tough! When someone has done something “wrong,” when performance or conflict management is required, people fear that the conversation will go badly, or careen out of control. They then shy away from crucial developmental conversations. The Feedback Course helps you have these difficult conversations and build a culture of feedback by experiencing it first-hand.

Using cutting edge, interactive, online skill-building techniques, this course develops your feedback muscles. You will use repetitions of self-assessment, peer feedback, practical doses of theory, and our innovative feedback skill development tool, the FACE (Feedback Assessment for Clinical Education). You tailor knowledge acquisition to your learning style: read, skim summary points, or listen to podcasts.

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Teach Online: Engage with Confidence

Online learning doesn’t have to be a pale imitation of “real” in-person learning. It’s a whole new way of interacting with learners. What if instead of a boring, predictable series of discussion question posts and assignments, your online courses were a dynamic journey that surprises and engages learners? This course will give faculty the confidence to create meaningful online learning experiences. Faculty have the skills to teach; we’ll show them how to transfer those skills to the online classroom – and it’s not about the technology!

Course participants (35 is the maximum) meet in an interactive 2-2.5 hour video conference three times over the course of three days.

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