The Resilient Resident Series: Science of Negotiation at the Point of Care

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Blog - The Resilient Resident Series: Science of Negotiation at the Point of Care



While technical skill and excellent decision-making are crucial to be a good surgeon, as you advance in the profession, communication becomes increasingly important.  This program covers how to negotiate quickly over patient care when you disagree with a colleague in the OR.  People’s “position” often hides their true interests.  Using curiosity and respect to share and discover hidden interests is one path to great patient care and harmony on the operative team.  How can we negotiate quickly and effectively at point of care?

1) “Reset” your frustration by changing it to curiosity;
2) Find out what the other person’s concerns are;
3) Identify the next steps that work for you, for them, and for the patient.

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The Resilient Residents Resources Center Introduction – Dr. María Magdalena LLompart (Spain) and Dr. Erica Taylor (USA)

Introduction – Why negotiation at point of care? –  Dr. Denise Gee and Dr. Jenny Rudolph

Understanding Conflict and Collaboration – Dr. Denise Gee and Dr. Jenny Rudolph
Social Cognition – why it is hard to hear;
Resetting yourself to get curious

Understanding Negotiation: What’s beneath the surface? – Dr. Denise Gee and Dr. Jenny Rudolph
Win-lose versus win-win
“Interests” and “Positions”

Putting it into practice – Dr. Denise Gee and Dr. Jenny Rudolph
Negotiating at point of care
The visible: What people say and do
The invisible: What they are thinking
Listening and collaborating under time pressure

Wrap up of main themes – Dr. Denise Gee and Dr. Jenny Rudolph
Curiosity and respect – it’s not just “soft skills”

FACULTY (alphabetical order)

Dr. Denise Gee – MD,  , Head of the Swallowing, Heartburn and Esophageal Disease Program | Surgical Director of the Mass General Weight Center | Associate Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, USA

Dr. María Magdalena Llompart – MD, Resident of surgery, Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Spain

Dr. Jenny Rudolph – PhD, FSSH, Massachusetts General Hospital, Department Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine | Executive Director, Center for Medical Simulation | Assistant Professor of Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School, USA

Dr. Erica Taylor – MD | MBA, Orthopaedic Surgeon | Associate Chief Medical Officer of Diversity and Inclusion at Private Diagnostic Clinic, PLLC | Duke Health, USA