Top 10 CMS Blog Posts of 2018

Blog - Top 10 CMS Blog Posts of 2018

From rapport tips to simulation fellowships, here are the Center for Medical Simulation’s most popular blog posts of 2018!

1.  Four Tips for Simulation Instructor Development and Assessment 

Effective feedback conversations are an essential part of building a successful simulation program and supporting educators to do their best work. Jenny Rudolph, PhD, FSSH, Executive Director of the Center for Medical Simulation, suggests four ways to improve your simulation staff development and assessment. Continue reading

2. Two Ways to Build Rapport Quickly and with Integrity 

On a recent episode of Simulcast, Jenny Rudolph talks with Victoria Brazil about rapport building, working off of Jenny’s recent publication on rapport management with Marc Auerbach and Adam Cheng. The editorial comments on May Eng Loo and colleagues’ research using the Spencer-Oatey Rapport Management Model. During the podcast, Jenny and Victoria discuss two ways to manage rapport. Continue reading

3. From Residency to Practice: Anesthesiologists Reunite for CMS Course 

Finding the time to hang out with friends can be difficult but when you’re friends are all practicing anesthesiologists, it’s next to impossible. Josh Ferguson, Andy Spellman, and David Walton became friends in 2003 during their anesthesiology residency in St. Louis.  Even though the group has stayed in touch since then, their careers as anesthesiologists make it tough to align their schedules. Continue reading

4. CMS Hosts Consul General of Italy in Boston

Nicola De Santis, Consul General of Italy in Boston, visited the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) in January for a tour of the facility and a demonstration of the e-REAL simulation system. Mr. De Santis joined Jenny Rudolph, PhD, Executive Director of CMS, for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Center’s training facilities. Continue reading

5. Mary Fey Named 2018 NLN Academy of Nursing Education Fellow

Mary Fey, PhD, RN, CHSE-A will be one of fourteen fellows to be inducted into the Academy of Nursing Education this September at the National League for Nursing (NLN) Summit in Chicago. Dr. Fey is the Associate Director of the Simulation Educator Training Program and a principal faculty member at the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS). Continue reading 

6. Guidelines for Using Video in Simulation

This week’s #askCMS comes from one of CMS’ Facebook fans: “Are there any guidelines for the use of video in simulation?”

Dan Raemer, Chief Curiosity Officer at CMS says: “Using video in debriefings needs to be done with a deft hand and a thoughtful purpose.” Continue reading

7. CMS Welcomes Three International Scholars and Fellows

In August 2018, the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) will host three new visiting International Scholars and Fellows. Melanie Barlow, Mabel Gomez, and Clément Buleon will join CMS for 6-12 months to learn from faculty and enhance their current simulation careers. Continue reading

8. PAAIL: A Conversational Strategy 

Healthcare educators often struggle to find the “opening lines” for a new topic they wish to discuss in a debriefing or feedback conversation.  Being uncertain how to structure the conversation can add cognitive load such that it’s difficult to make your point or hear what learners are saying. As we’ve worked with hundreds of simulation educators, we developed a mnemonic to help us all remember how to put together a cogent set of opening lines to get a new topic going. Continue reading

9. Aussie Scholars Returning Home After Completing CMS Fellowship

G’day! When the opportunity to come to the Center for Medical Simulation (CMS) for a 6 month fellowship came it seemed like a great idea – “why not?” However, as the time grew nearer, the prospect of being on the other side of the world, away from all that we were familiar with, seemed much more daunting.  How would these simulation gurus view these crazy Aussie chicks with their funny accents, strange lingo and penchant for poetry and karaoke? Continue reading

10. Jeff Cooper and Jenny Rudolph Discuss New Article on Surgeon-Anesthesiologist Relationship

For over 45 years, Jeff Cooper, PhD, has worked to improve patient safety in numerous ways. In more recent decades, his focus has been on improving teamwork in the operating room.  Dr. Cooper’s most recent publication, “Critical Role of the Surgeon–Anesthesiologist Relationship for Patient Safety,” was just published online first. Continue reading